3 Barefoot Workouts To Include In Your Weekly Schedule

June 05, 2018

3 Barefoot Workouts To Include In Your Weekly Schedule

We all know that barefoot workouts can enhance your body’s health and coordination, and Nuflo barefoot wear is the ideal accessory that improves safety and security while performing these great indoor exercises. So, which ones should you do to engage in full body fitness? Here are three barefoot workouts to include in your weekly schedule:


  1. Balance Workout 

Anytime you are mobile, you cultivate your balance because you are utilizing different parts of your body in unison. Some exercises, though, are designed to help you improve it which enhances your stability and coordination.

  • Bicep Curls: Stand erect on both of your legs which will evenly distribute weight between your feet and hips. With the elbows close to the body and palm of your hand facing forward, curl your biceps upward. 
  • To advance your balance as well as your strength, you should use weights which will further contract and build muscle mass. While doing bicep curls, you can also further promote your position by balancing the opposite leg for 30 seconds.


  1. Strength Workout 

Now that you have honed your balancing skills, you also need a training routine that focuses on building and toning your body’s physical stamina. 

  • Squats: Fitness trainers consider squats a staple in regular workout routines as it targets a full body workout. You also strengthen the body’s muscles while also enhancing ligaments, tendons, and bone structure. Standing with your feet slightly broader than your hips, place your hands outward to maintain balance. Begin to “squat” as if you are sitting down in a chair with your thighs parallel to the floor. Using your heels, you can push back up into a starting position. 
  • Lunges: This workout targets a variety of fitness training as it is part resistance, part muscle maintenance, and a bit of cardio. Standing with your legs and arms in proximity to one another, take two steps forward with one leg and bend both knees down at a 90-degree angle into a lunge. Ensure that your front knee coordinates with your ankle and toes. Push back with your leg and return to a standing position. Repeat the process with the other leg by stepping forward.


  1. Relaxation Workout

Performing relaxation workouts benefit the body and the mind as you learn techniques that relieve stress and anxiety. After more intense exercises, it is also the ideal workout you need to relax your muscular, neurological, and brain functions.

  • Yoga: Engaging in yoga helps you become more flexible, physically fit, and healthier. For many practitioners, it also enables them to self-reflect and grow more aware of self and surroundings.  
  • Tai Chi: Much like yoga, tai chi stimulates both the inner and outer mind and body strength which enables you to learn techniques that coordinate your breathing, movements, and core body strength.


When doing barefoot workout routines, Nüflo will provide the type of stability you need when doing these exercises. This type of barefoot wear also encourages the movement of your sole and toes which is critical to maintaining proper balance.

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