Cardiorespiratory Fitness And Nüflo Will Revolutionize Your Health And Fitness

December 20, 2018

Cardiorespiratory Fitness And Nüflo Will Revolutionize Your Health And Fitness

Do you need a better reason to get up and get active? It turns out, there are some serious ones as a recent medical study by the Cleveland Clinic found that an inactive lifestyle is far more dangerous to your health than heart disease, smoking, and diabetes. Dr. Jaber, the leading researcher, advised medical professionals to look at fitness inactivity practices as a disease in which exercise is the prescription. Dr. Jaber also advised that people who do not meet basic standards of a treadmill test have double the risk of kidney failure which supports his findings that the risk of death is up to 500% higher for those who live a physically inactive lifestyle.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Cardiorespiratory fitness is defined as a measurement of how your body circulates and absorb oxygen to your muscle groups during exercise. Once the oxygen is absorbed, it is also a matter of how well your body produces adenosine triphosphate energy through cellular respiration. This process greatly relates to proper nutrition and energy storage for cardiorespiratory fitness since the aerobic energy system uses the carbs and fats to produce ATP. Unlike other energy production functions, intense exercise requires quick access to energy which is why ATP is a critical component when engaging in intense cardiorespiratory fitness.

  • Step One: You breathe in air which the blood absorbs and transports to the heart.
  • The blood is then sent to arteries which deliver the oxygen to the muscles.
  • Your muscle cells absorb the oxygenated blood and return the de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. The heart then pumps the blood back to the lungs to renew the process.

If your cardiorespiratory fitness is sub-par, there is a greater chance that your heart, lungs, veins, and arteries will lose its ability to keep the body healthy which is why exercise is so vital. That said, you will be able to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness simply by engaging in prolonged aerobic exercises. The type of exercise, the strength, frequency, and routine intervals determines cardiorespiratory fitness optimization as well as how the body responds to ATP production.

How To Enhance Your Cardiorespiratory Fitness Level

The ACSM cardiorespiratory training guidelines recognize initial (group one), improvement (group two), and maintenance (group three). Each exercise routine has a warm-up, conditioning, and cool-down component. A person must include cardiorespiratory fitness between three and five times per week in twenty to sixty-minute intervals. ACSM also recommends that trainers first work on duration before increasing the intensity level. When the body successfully masters frequency and duration for two weeks without fatigue, you can advance to the next fitness group.

  • Group One Cardiorespiratory Exercises

 This is a low-skill and intensity level, so beginners should start with exercises like cycling, walking, running, jogging, rowing, stair stepping, or elliptical training. 

  • Group Two Cardiorespiratory Exercises

 At level two, trainers are working toward improving their health or fitness which is why cardiorespiratory exercises include aerobic classes, swimming, cycling, skiing, or skating. 

  • Group Three Cardiorespiratory Exercises

Group three is about skill level and intensity-specific workouts that support maintenance which is why basketball, soccer, or racquetball are more appropriate for trainers.

How Will Nüflo Elevate Workouts?

Nüflos are designed for cardiorespiratory endurance activities like dance, barre, piloxing, and kickboxing. Nüflo also promotes safety as they are anti-slip, anti-shock, and sweat absorbent. Nüflos also provide long-lasting comfort regardless of frequency, duration, or aerobic exercise.

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