Want To Try Pilates? Here Are 7 Health Benefits As To Why You Should

September 06, 2018

Want To Try Pilates? Here Are 7 Health Benefits As To Why You Should

About 12.3 million people practice Pilates in the United States right now. By 2020, that number is expected to grow to 12.94 million according to new data that shows there is a growing interest in its health benefits. It is also now the go-to exercise for celebrities like Kate Winslet, Madonna, and Selena Gomez who swear by their routines. If you want a healthy body and strong mental clarity but lack the time during a busy work week to get to the gym, Pilates might just be for you.


1. It Strengthens Your Core

Pilates exercises produce core strength and toning. According to research in the Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise report, women who practiced Pilates strengthened their six-packs by 21% and reduced muscle imbalances. As this routine requires balance, nüflo shoes will support the full body and build muscle.


2. Reduces Back Pain Significantly 

Did you know that Joseph Pilates was a gymnast who developed this technique for rehabilitation? His founding principle was that the more you aligned your spine with breathing, it strengthened abdominal muscles and torso. The more you strengthen and tone your core, the less back pain you will also experience overall.


3. It Enhances Performance

When you use your core as a primary focus, you soon come to realize that your entire muscular system is connected to this area. When you work to improve your core, you enhance performance which helps you do any activity better. You also learn moves that are specific to sports which elevate your performance level.


4. It Improves Your Flexibility

There is a perception that if you are not flexible, you cannot do Pilates. Nothing could be further from the truth. A recent study found that Pilate participants improved fingertip-to-floor accessibility by 1.3 to 5.7 centimeters.


5. It Enhances Mobility

 Because Pilates is much less intense and controlled, there is a minimal impact on your bones and joints which helps to increase mobility. Using a Pilates reformer also reduces the direct stress on your joints and reduces the pressure to your body. Nüflo will stabilize workout routines and safely build mobility and movement.


6. Pilates Builds Mental Clarity And Focus

While the physical abilities are undeniable, Pilates has had a dramatic effect on the mental clarity and focus of its practitioners because of the direct focus on the relationship that exists between breath, movement. It also helps you to put aside potential stressors which affect the ability to concentrate thoroughly on self.


7. This Exercise Boosts Brainpower

Did you know that the founder originally called Pilates Contrology because he identified connections between the mind, body, and soul? A 2015 study by the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society further found a connection between strength training and memory function. They also saw a reduction in brain atrophy that contributes to a loss of thinking and memory skills.


Your Nüflo shoes are designed to complement Pilates because they provide a protective infrastructure for your feet that absorbs your body’s weight comfortably. Our neoprene construction also absorbs sweat and prevents injury of your arch, bones, muscles, and tissues. While Pilates is all about body and mind therapy, our nüflo design is all about doing it safely.

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